A sprinkler system can improve and protect your landscapes significantly. They can also use a lot of water if improperly installed or programmed; which is why all of our systems are fitted with water conservative nozzles best suited for our West Texas soils and turf. Two of the most common types of seed and sod used are Bermuda and Fescue which require regular watering in order to maintain its lush, rich coloring in our Texas heat. Bermuda will use less water, but Tall Fescue has adapted well to our environment and thrives just as well in the summer temperatures.

Our irrigation systems are customized to your landscape needs and designed specifically to save you money, reduce maintenance and repair needs as well as save water. Each sprinkler system is programmed for the specific grass type, as well as slope and soil precipitation, to ensure minimal runoff with maximum results. You can rest easy knowing that that our irrigation services will provide you with the best installation and repairs.

There are a number of variables when it comes to choosing the right irrigation system, here are just a few:

shutterstock_145372969Beware of home builders who provide irrigation systems. We have seen in dozens of communities that the systems are poorly designed and installed. Head selection is vital to the success of any irrigation system.

Pop-up heads are great for small to medium sized yards. They can be equipped with traditional spray nozzles, or rotary nozzles designed to save water. All of our systems are installed with Hunters MP nozzles to conserve water.

Rotary heads are typically used for large turf areas like sports fields and golf courses. These heads apply a large amount of water in a short time. While some companies make rotor heads for residential use, they will apply the water in such a way that the ground will no longer be able to soak it in; thus leading to a waste of water.

We prefer to install a system that will pay for itself rather than add to the cost in the form of a large water bill.

shutterstock_164975009-1Drip is applied at an extremely slow rate and, when installed and programmed correctly, can work just as efficiently as any type of head. This small brown hose works great for flower beds, and even under turf areas.

With water restrictions increasing, a large number of people have inquired about sub-surface drip. A sub-surface drip irrigation system allows you to water whenever you want. This is a nice perk simply because you can now spread out your water requirements. Flower beds benefit the most from drip, especially since most plants need more water than turf areas.

While we still prefer to use heads in turf areas for maintenance reasons, sub-surface drip requests are becoming more common. We will always install drip in all flower bed settings.

Backflow devices are required by the city for every irrigation system. There are two man types: Double Check Valve Assembly (DCA) and a Reduce Pressure Zone (RPZ).

These devices are required to be tested every three years, which we are licensed to do. Backflow devices serve multiple purposes. They not only protect our city mainlines from possible contamination, but they also allow you to shut down the entire irrigation system in case of an emergency.

Installation requirements are different, and we make sure the correct one is installed based on the irrigation design and needs. All irrigation systems must have a backflow device, and installed according to city code.

Irrigation System Evaluation Process

We visit the location of the desired work and once the turf type is identified, we can then determine the proper irrigation system for your area and needs.

This step allows us to see the location, recognize your requirements and needs while offering suggestions. We take the time to answer any questions you may have, and will give you a no-hassle, no-pressure quote.

After an evaluation is completed a contract for installation or repair is provided. Both commercial and residential properties are offered the same options.

We stand by our work and and offer a three year warranty on all new sprinkler systems and a ninety day warranty on all irrigation repairs.

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