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Landscaping is an art, and art requires creativity and out of the box thinking. You are unique, which is why our designs are created to your likes, desires, and style. Our designs help increase curb appeal for a more inviting and welcoming appearance. While there are a variety of styles when it comes to landscaping, there fall into two main categories: formal or informal. Our formal designs are balanced and even for a geometric and symmetrical appearance. Our informal designs look to Mother Nature for inspiration and created to mimic natural scenery. We use a mixture of evergreen and deciduous plants in every style to ensure a pleasant appearance year round.

Whether you have a landscape you are looking to enhance or a blank “canvas” waiting to be created, we can help you create the perfect space while considering many factors not traditionally considered.

Plant Selection is crucial to the success of your landscape. If not done correctly, your home could look terrible as the seasons change. We select plants that we know do well here in Lubbock, Texas and the surrounding areas. However, we are constantly trying new things and going against the norm. We include a variety of shrubs, flowering plants, and ground covers in our landscape designs.

We ensure your landscaping has a diverse and natural look. Water requirements and maintenance needs are considered when grouping and matching plants for your design. We also focus on how the landscaping will look in the winter to ensure there will still be some green and color instead of everything looking “dead”.

shutterstock_181787150-1Real green grass is a classic part of any landscape design. There are many different types of grasses to choose from, but one in particular does extremely well here. Bermuda grass types are drought tolerant and require a significant lower amount of water compared to other types. When selecting turf types we always recommend Bermuda, but the establishment process can vary.

We suggest a specific hybrid sod variety, but others (especially those with larger lawns) prefer seed. We have a unique process in order to ensure optimal growth for both selections. This process allows us to “fill” your landscape without months of waiting. Fescue grasses are the second most common types of grass in Lubbock, Texas. However, Fescue is a “sissy” grass when it comes to our West Texas weather and requires a large amount of water to stay healthy.

shutterstock_78028906Trees are an important part of the landscape design from type to placement. There are a wide variety of trees to select from that do well in West Texas and the surrounding areas. We encourage having multiple trees if the property allows, and having a combination of evergreens and deciduous trees in the design. Maintenance is a key consideration when selecting trees because while deciduous trees are amazing when the leaves change, they are not when it’s time to clean up the leaves or fruits.

Different trees can also effect the density and quality of the turf that surrounds the tree. Another major aspect of tree selection is the location you may want it planted at. Location will affect the plant selection in your landscape design as well. Some trees have invasive roots (lateral root system) that can cause serious damage to sidewalks, driveways, and house foundations.

Other trees have a deeper root system (oblique root system) that allows from a wider range or planting locations. Environmental conditions play a role in a trees root system development, so it is very important to understand the current conditions of the desired location.

Landscape Design Process

We visit the location of the desired work and discuss your ideas, and offer additional suggestions.

From there we provide multiple landscape design concepts, and allow you to choose what you want the final result to be. Our ultimate goal in every landscape design is to create a place where people can go to relax by themselves or to bring the family together.

After you’ve decided on a final design, a contract is prepared then work gets started.

Along the way we keep you involved in the process and will work side-by-side with you to ensure we achieve the right look & feel for your desired space.

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