Water Features

Nothing provides more relaxation to a landscape than a water feature. It is loved by adults and children alike.

There are a variety of reason everyone should have a pond. Research shows that a backyard pond and waterfall exposes you to what is called negative ions. These negative ions produce a biochemical reaction that reduce: depression, anxiety, stress, and blood pressure. These ions also provide many other benefits as well such as: cleansing the air of allergens, improved function in respiratory tract, improve energy levels, and overall mood. Ponds offer a lot more benefits as well.

They are aesthetically pleasing to look at and hear (much better than a pool that is cleaned more than used). They can create an environment that feels like an escape, or a getaway, from everyday life. Ponds encourage you to get away from a television screen and get outdoors. These ponds can sustain fish, or be a water garden with plenty of aquatic plants. No room for a pond? Checkout pond-less waterfalls that can provide the same negative ions.

We specialize in Koi Ponds, Fountains, Pond-less Pools and stunning water gardens. Our backyard water features are designed to be low maintenance, that means you don’t have to drain and clean them once a year. They are constructed to last and designed with the future in mind. After all, home owners usually end up wishing they could contain fish, but if the pond was not designed correctly, it can be extremely costly to make adjustment.

shutterstock_146573525We take pride in knowing we are one of the only companies that truly knows how to design and build a proper pond. Koi are amazing fish and kids love them. They are pleasing to watch and raise. However, there are far too many “professionals” who do not install Koi ponds correctly.

Koi ponds can be designed in a variety of shapes and styled differently to suit your needs and desires. While there are a number of factors to consider when designing and building a Koi pond, there are certain components that every Koi pond should consist of. For example, a Koi pond should consist of a bottom drain with no rocks on the bottom. These types of ponds also require mechanical filtration to remove solids and waste, and a biological filtration to support life and promote a healthy environment.

Lubbock Texas Residential Landscape DesignWater gardens are great if you wish to have aquatic plants and an aesthetically pleasing water feature. You get all the major benefits of a pond, but with less filtration requirements.

These types of gardens can be big or small and include large or long waterfalls and rivers. Water gardens are the ponds typically installed by “experts” to house fish. They usually consist of multiple shelves, filled with boulders and contain rocks in the bottom.

shutterstock_248686036-1Kids love to play in the water. Pond less waterfalls allow your children to get up close and personal. These types of ponds consist of a basin that is completely hidden under ground and covered with rock and boulders. They are almost entirely maintenance free and can take up very little room.

These types of ponds can consist of water columns, water boulders, or traditional waterfalls and rivers. Depending on the size, they can be much cheaper compared to water gardens and Koi ponds which make them ideal for those with small backyards, or those who just want something small to see and hear.

landscape-032Fountains are ideal for extremely small areas such as a garden home. These are typically used in entry ways or close to a patio that can be heard. Fountains are by far the cheapest and are available in a variety of different sizes, styles, and colors.

Fountains are not limited to the traditional styles you usually see. They can also consist of basalt columns, or even pots. The design options are limitless and we can find the perfect fit for any need.

Water Feature Design Process

We visit the location of the desired work and discuss your ideas, and offer any additional suggestions.

From there we provide multiple water feature design concepts, and allow you to choose what you want the final result to be. Our ultimate goal in every design is to create a place where people can go to relax by themselves or to bring the family together.

After you’ve decided on a final design, a contract is prepared then work gets started.

Along the way we keep you involved in the process and will work side-by-side with you to ensure we achieve the right look & feel for your desired space.

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