Imagine — a beautiful concrete paver patio, by a stunning rock fire pit enjoying laughter or relaxation with family or friends. Your dream can become a reality with Scapes & Beyond. We want you to experience having a unique outdoor space, created just for you.

Patios and pathways are a great idea for fun and entertainment. Hardscaping is also an amazing replacement for troubled areas plagued by drainage issues or dirt areas. Outdoor entertainment areas will also increase your home value.

We use the highest quality material and installation methods to ensure longevity.  We blend our designs into the landscape so the hardscape flows with the current environment. Patios are becoming a standard for many families, but fire pits can really bring a family together.

shutterstock_153578117 These stone structures are designed to enhance your landscape. Our hardscape designs increase functionality. Most people prefer flagstone for a more natural look, but a lot of people use pavers for walkways. Our backyard patios are planned with the idea of entertainment in mind; but can also fix problems. Patios are a great place to enjoy the outdoors and bring the family together. Pathways generally use the same material as patios, but the purpose is usually to avoid muddy areas. However, walkways do not have to just fix a trouble spot. They can be designed to define borders, or spate specific areas. Stepping stones can also be used and embedded in turf for a clean blended look.

Lubbock Texas Residential Landscape DesignImagine being able to enjoy the benefits of a campfire without leaving the house. Fire pits can add character, and create peaceful evening. Our fire pit designs can include a fire ring or be all natural.

Our backyard hardscape fire pits can be constructed in a variety of ways and consist different materials depending on the desired look and effect. Enjoy a sleek modern glass fire look that is fueled by natural gas, or an all-natural wood burning fire.

Bring the family and friends together and enjoy a night of fun, laughter, and new memories.

shutterstock_150373661-1Retaining walls can be both dry stacked and cemented depending on the height and strength requirements. Great to add different levels to flower beds, raising a flower bed, or controlling a steep slope. A capstone on top can help add a finished modern look.

Landscape Design Process

We visit the location of the desired work and discuss your ideas, and offer additional suggestions.

From there we provide multiple landscape design concepts, and allow you to choose what you want the final result to be. Our ultimate goal in every landscape design is to create a place where people can go to relax by themselves or to bring the family together.

After you’ve decided on a final design, a contract is prepared then work gets started.

Along the way we keep you involved in the process and will work side-by-side with you to ensure we achieve the right look & feel for your desired space.

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